VCMA Villatoro Champion Martial Arts Reviews

I've seen much daughter's confidence grow so much since joining VCMA. She now knows that she can defend herself if needed and only when prompted. I also get tons of compliments on how focused she is from other parents and I always refer them to VCMA!

Sarah Sibbach Ou

My children have been attending the summer camp 2017, they love it. Very Friendly environment, if you want your children to learn to respect for self & others, this is the place for them!!


Sensai Carlos Villatoro and the staff at VCMA in Chino Hills is awesome! My nephew trained at his facility when they first opened and he loved it. Sensai Carlos great with kids and always remembers them by name. They take great pride in teaching all of the kids martial arts and respect. Can't wait to bring my daughter


Best martial arts school ever

Joseph V.

A very family-friendly Dojo. The instructors know their stuff and how to teach the weapons and forms to each belt level.

Jim C.

Fun atmosphere. The sensei’s are really good with the kids. My kids have a blast learning and growing in karate

Aaron B.

This dojo is top notch. The senseis really care, they aren’t just showing up for a paycheck.

Fray Guten Tag

Thank you very much!!

Louis F.

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