Congratulations VCMA Competitors

Last weekend, January 26, 2013 eight of our champions went to the Winter Olympics karate tournament held in Las Vegas. They did an exceptional job, and we couldn't be more proud! 

Congratulations to:

Nikko Paoletto with six 1st places, and one Grand Champion!

Anthony Shank with five 1st places, and one Grand Champion!

Joe Garcia with a 2nd place, and a 5th place!

Coby Polite for one 1st place, and one 2nd place!

Joseph Villatoro for three 1st places, one 4th place, one 2nd place, and a Grand Champion!

Brandon Virtusio with two 2nd places, and a 6th place!

Shawn Perry for five 1st places!

Ian Gerodias with a 1st place!

Great Job everybody! We're all super proud of you!

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